About the Artist

My background is in biology and geography with an MSc. in Plant Ecology and a passion for the Canadian north. During my undergraduate degree at York University I had the opportunity to participate in a field course in the eastern Arctic and I felt like I had arrived home! The big sky, wide-open spaces and amazing tundra plants and animals captured my heart and soul. Since then I have had the opportunity to travel to the north many times, both for work and for pleasure, most recently as a client as well as a guide with Canoe North Adventures. I have canoed the Keele, Yukon, Horton and Great Bear Rivers and these trips have inspired some of my most popular bead collections. I love the tranquility and relative simplicity of the northern ecosystem and try to reflect that simplicity in my beads. You don't need to travel to these areas to appreciate the colours and textures of the landscape but you might find yourself transported away to a river or beach as you explore each bead collection!

I began my journey in glass during an evening of stained glass with a collegue in 1984. That was all it took to get me hooked on glass! After about 20 years of stained glass I discovered lampwork beads and a new passion emerged. I have a home studio in my unheated garage but most of my beads are created in the studio/showroom at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville.